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Dukoff HR Fluted Chamber

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Hi all has anyone had any play time on one of these older tenor mpcs.....any one know where I could here one being played......any info would be great

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these and all of there non fluted cousins are some of the best hard rubber
mouthpieces ever made. there are lots of different versions of them including bd super sonic etc. They sound almost exactly like old slant signature hard rubber links. great tonal clarity - bold, crisp and clear.
just like slant sig links reed choice is a huge factor in tone. more so than other mouthpieces. with the right reed the tone can be crystal clear or with slightly harder reeds the tone gets a little more smooth and mellow.

there is a slight difference in the way they play and feel in relation to links.
related to the general difference between links and dukoff mouthpieces.
I'm not sure in a double blind test you could distinguish between the tone of one of these and a link slant.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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