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Dukoff D8 Alto Sax Mouthpiece

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Hey guys I just had a question about the dukoff d8 mpc's. Are they really good in your opinion for ex. I have a meyer 6m alto sax mpc, but the chamber is too small for me no matter how hard i blow i can never get a good volume. I was going to buy a dukoff d8 miami mpc, and I don't know what to expect? any for sale?:line0: :line6: :cool:
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A 6M meyer small chamber should be able to be played VERY loud. I'd suggest different reeds - perhaps harder would be a better first choice than going to a Dukoff.
yo thanks what do u think about the dukoff d6 i want to buy it .:line0: :line6: :cool:
Buy whatever you can afford that pleases you. I've got a D6 and it does what it does fine, but there are easier pieces to play.

What type of group are you playing in that needs more volume?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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