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Dukoff d6 metal alto sax mpc

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:space2: :line3: :space3: :space0: :line1: :line2: Hey guys, my dukff metal d6 alto mpc is skeaking and chirrpin, and its new. I think I should get a d8 because the facig is way to small, I play a beechler bellite 8, pretty hard, but the store only had the d6''s. Who here has it for sale, and what are your opinions!:treble: [/FONT
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Get the D8 and go to maybe a Rico 3 or equivalent reed. I had a squeaking problem playing on a D7 and went to a D9. I had to go down from a Rico 3.5 to a 3.0 because I couldn't control it as well. I only use the alto on 2 tunes my band does. If I've been blowing it out on Tenor all night, it gets hard to play on something that open with a stiff reed. I use Rico 3.5s and play on a D8 tenor. I have been doing that for over 3yrs now. I prefer the cheap orange box reeds. They seem to work the best for me and I can usually get the ring I'm looking for in my tone.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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