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Dukoff alto sizes?

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I have two Dukoff alto mpcs. They have very different demensions. Neither says Hollywood. One is shorter and the table is shorter, and the circumfrence of the body is larger and the distance from the tip rail to the end of the window is also shorter. They are both a 7. I am looking for a Harrison AD ligature for the Dukoff but now am concerned about the differences. Could anyone explain why the variation. Sorry if this was previously addressed. I didn't do a search?
Thanks for the responses.
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You might want to try Dukoff's Vibra-watchamacallit .. ligature.

Can be had from WW&BW or direct from Dukoff.

I have one on my tenor. All a matter of taste but I think Bobby did his home work.

Keep it smooth ..
Can you post pictures?
Billyfish are those the ligs that fit both alto and tenor have you
any pics
I also have a Dukoff Hollywood alto metal mouthpiece with table shorter than the reed. It is a terrific player - neither too bright (or edgy) nor dark, direct and easy to control. I use a Selmer soprano metal ligature with Java 2 reed.
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