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For all the duet lovers who are part of this group, I would like to invite you to look at my duets that are designed for the intermediate level musician and can be played by any combination of instruments.

"Holiday Etudes/Duets" won the 1996 T.U.B.A Composition Competition in their etude form. These 28 intermediate level etudes/duets represent holidays throughout the year. Even though they originated as etudes, they are now printed in duet form. The top part can be used as a stand-alone etude as it contains the entire melodic line. The bottom part serves as a duet accompaniment that can be played by the teacher or a more advanced student. There is also a piano accompaniment book for all the etude/duets. Free mp3 files of the piano accompaniments that contain metronome clicks that set the beginning tempo, are available for free download.

"Recital Duets" (1981) have seven movements that range in expressiveness from fanfares to love duets and are in a modal language that is based in shifting tonality. They can be used as duets for the same instrument or in any combination of instruments. As the name implies, they can be used in a concert setting or in the studio.

"Little Suite" is a five movement composition that is tonal and lyrical. The top part is designed for an intermediate performer and the bottom part is slightly more advanced. The combination of instruments is limited as the woodwind and brass books are in one tonality and the string books are in another in order to make them playable by developing musicians.

You can see and hear these etude/duets by visiting my web site at I hope that you will find these useful with your students and for your own enjoyment.

Sy Brandon, Composer
Professor Emeritus
Millersville University of Pennsylvania
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