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Dubois 2nd Concerto

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What can anybody tell me about Dubois' 2nd Concerto? I understand it is not performed very often, or at least not as popular as his other works for sax. Is there a recording out there that someone is willing to share? Thanks!
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Hi, I was looking for another work and I came across your thread. I've played the 2nd concerto so I'll share what I've found out (apologies if you already have found all this out since this is a old thread!)

I personally don't have a recording (its lost somewhere) but I know there is a recording of the 2nd concerto available on CD. It's on "French Saxophone Concertos" with Daniel Gremelle playing sax. It's on a Marco Polo label. I've actually seen it on the Dorn site if your interested in purchasing it. It also has the Rivier Double concerto with sax and trumpet and Sonances by Sciortino.

I was going to perform the piece a few years ago and I had done a little bit of background research into it (not a detailed analysis). Basically it was completed in 1995 for Gremelle and I also believe it was Dubois' final work before he died that year. It has 4 movements; Tranquillo lancinant, Prestissimo, Aria and Giocoso con fantasia. It's quite a contrast to his 1st concerto - a bit more Impressionistic in style (aka Debussy, Ravel) particularly the 1st and 3rd movements. You will definately notice this in the opening of the 1st movement as it resembles the melody of Debussy's Syrinx. But it also still has the virtuosic nature to it that you would find in many of Dubois' works. The musical themes are also not directly repeated as much as in his 1st concerto. And of course the main difference would be his use of the altissimo register in the work (I think it goes ups to an altissimo E but it's mainly round altissimo G-A). Working on this piece helped me alot to improved the blending of my alitssimo tone into the normal register.

I really enjoyed learning the 2nd concerto as it had many technical challenges for me and I think its actually a pretty good work which doesn't get played enough. It has plenty of contrast and many technically impressive moments which is what you want in a concerto. If you need a good 20min concerto to perform you should definite consider it.
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