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Quick rinse and rub, then let them dry.
Since I started not putting them away wet in the reed case, they last longer and don't get the black mold/rot/whateveritis on them.
Also, sealing up the pores with very high grit sand paper so they are completely smooth seems to help. This smoothing can be done without removing enough material to affect the firmness.

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I squeeze my reeds out by using my thumb and pointer finger as a wringer, going from vamp to tip.

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RootyTootoot said:
Oh lord! Where's marty when you need him? :twisted: ;)
Sorry man, I was busy moistening when this thread came out.

Always moist, it's the only way to go.

What's reeds got to do with it? Maybe this thread should be moved?

Oh, I just read the first post. I leave everything moist and insert it into the mouthpiece cap.
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