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Hello, I got borrowed a Aaron Drake Ceramic mp. It's all black outside, looks like enamel, and inside it's (or was) white (yellowed by the stain of the past players). It has very small chunks of ceramic broken away on the tip, but still plays very well and with not too hard reeds it passes suction tests.
There is no number or any size description on the mouthpiece.

The sound is somewhere in between a hard rubber and a metal piece, it is less ringing than a typical metal piece but more focused and compact than a typical hard rubber.

I saw that they are not anymore in production, Drake offers only pieces with ceramic chamber.

Does anybody know how the new pieces with ceramic chamber relate sound- and size-wise to that one? I must admit I'm a bit afraid of using this borrowed piece with the thought in mind what would happen if it falls to the floor accidentally :(
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