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Hi Everyone,
We have introduced a new line of mouthpieces, and I am starting this thread for anyone interested in trying our:
Tenor Model "Double Ring" Jazz Tip opening 7 (.105" / 2.66mm).

Model "Double Ring" Jazz

Right now we are starting a list of interested partisapents for a passaround that should start in about 2 weeks.

Here is the info for the passaround: Thank you to: SOTW Member Glen (chitownjazz) for his help!
Please PM us or
email us at: [email protected]
The following:
Name, address, email address, and a working phone number.
I will mail out the piece to the first member. That player will have the mouthpiece for 5 days or less. After that time they committ to writing a review of their experience and pass it on to the next player on the list. I will provide that player with the information needed to pass it on (address and name only).

Please use the supplied box and packing material to mail the mouthpiece. Please dont use an envelope.

Also, we will requirement that a tracking number be included when shipping and that the sender notify both me and the recipient of the tracking number and the date it went into the mail.

Thank you! Please feel free to email us any of your questions.

Listen to Aaron Drake Playing the Drake Ceramic Mouthpiece JTB 7
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