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Downchld Blues Band: Inspiration for The Blues Brothers

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The Downchild Blues Band, the inspiration for Dan Ackroyd to create "The Blues Brothers", has an excellent new live album featuring Pat Carey on sax.

You can listen to the tracks, including the great opening song, "It's Been So Long", at this link:
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I LIIIIKE.... The saxophonist is ace (never heard of him/ignorance/nothing new there then). Thank you.
Nice stuff! I thought I recognized the name Pat Carey from somewhere. Then I realized I saw him live last summer playing with the one and only Jimmy Cavallo. Cavallo comes to Syracuse to perform usually twice a year.
He's pushing 80 years old and can still honk and swing with the best of 'em! If you ever get a chance to see him, you should. He is an amazing entertainer.
Here's some background info on Pat Carey:
Pat's a great sax player and a super decent guy. Downchild is a legend in the the Great White North of course:) . When I was first learning to play I had the golden opportunity of jamming about a half dozen times with the late great singer Hock Walsh--he was retired at that point but was a good friend of our bass player. Hock was a huge talent, and he told a great story too. My favorite was about how, in the 1970s, there was so much good work in Toronto that he would get booked into two gigs at the same time. He'd hire two bands just take a taxi back and forth between sets. Imagine that.


I'd thank you, but now I feel yet another album purchase coming on dammit!

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