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Hey folks, I am mainly an alto sax player. I have a soprano sax, but only play around with it. The thing is my band director wants me to play tenor sax. I am wondering if that would mess up tone on alto sax. I think I have a pretty bright sound, I am still trying to work on it to sound like kirk whalum. I am wondering if playing the tenor will cause my sound on alto worse!
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Something to keep in mind in doubling within the single reed family and something I have been successful with in my amatuer/semi-pro world, is to keep your mouthpiece/reed setups as complementary to each other as possible. Having said that, someone might look at my signature and say "How can a metal Berg on tenor with Java 3-1/2 reeds be complementary to a HR Meyer with bluebox 2-1/2's on alto and a HR Selmer on soprano". My response to that is: it works for me. It may not be the setup you find that workds for you. I find switching between the 3 to be relatively easy, and with my limited practice time, I need all the help I can get.
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