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Hey folks, I am mainly an alto sax player. I have a soprano sax, but only play around with it. The thing is my band director wants me to play tenor sax. I am wondering if that would mess up tone on alto sax. I think I have a pretty bright sound, I am still trying to work on it to sound like kirk whalum. I am wondering if playing the tenor will cause my sound on alto worse!
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Okay so after a while, so will the playing the tenor actually help with my sound on alto?
Well I actually saw the seat I made in the Concert band. I was mistaken, I thought I was going on to tenor. I am on Baritone Saxophone, which is huge and different. The only cool part about it is that I don't have to worry about the keys since the Bari and Alto are tuned in the same key.
Yes it is. The thing is I have been playing alto 9 yrs straight. I am finally getting the results that I have been looking for since I started. I playing the bari for a concert band. I practice my alto everyday, I am wondering if the bari will mess up the sound I have worked so hard in obtaining on alto. Well the sound that I am still trying to work on, but a lot farther than I have gotten than in the past yrs.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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