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Any of the instruments mentioned, in good repair, will do what you need. The main problem for beginning doublers is the difference in resistance between the typical sax mouthpiece and the typical clarinet mouthpiece. Try to find a free-blowing clarinet mouthpiece. Mouthpieces that are recommended as good for klezmer or jazz are a good place to start. You can still get a good classical sound on the best ones.
Thanks for the advice! Infact, sound-wise that would work out quite well. My main genre of music is jazz (as you can see by my signature!) and I play in numerous jazz bands; I sometimes end up playing clarinet there too! I played Reed 1 on Sweet Charity last year and had to double sax(es), flute and clarinet and needed a jazz sound, buy as you say: having the versatility to play classically when needed is also important.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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