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Doubler Cases

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I'm looking for alto sax/clarinet(sop) doubler case as well as tenor/soprano(clar) case. I see that Reunion Blues makes them. Anyone else?

Thanks in advance!

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Something you might look into if you've got the money, but Bam makes the HipShot sop case that straps to the side of the trekking cases

Also, Protec makes a nice Alto/Clar/Flute case with each having it's own case that can be used separately. Has a handle and rollers like luggage.

I'm always looking for soemthing else, too though. Right now I just carry everything separately because i can't find the Protec anywhere in stock, and I can't afford the bam yet.
Swampcabbage said:
I've been trying to find one of those hip-hop cases for 3 years. I suspect they don't exist. ;)
That's what they're called...

HipHop is the Bam case...

...HipShot is a drop tuner for guitars and basses.

What has two thumbs and plays bass on the side? This guy (points at self with thumbs)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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