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Dorfler & Jorka saxophones

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Hello from Belgium !!

I would like to know if this brand is quality sax ? Intermdiate/pro horn ?

If some owners have trouble/issue with it ?

I know they made lot of stencil sax.

500 $ for a near mint alto one would be a decent price ?!

Thanks !!

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Helen's research on D & J (and many other German horns, for that matter) is the go-to place for GOOD info on the company...because there's a lot of bad info out there on them.

$500 for a completely good-playing Alto in great shape is a fair price.

I rehab many of these D & J's and I have always been impressed by them a very solid, good-sounding instruments. I usually sell D & J Alto stencils for around $400-500, but they usually have some significant lacquer wear to them, also. My buyers have always been pleased with them.
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