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Hello from Belgium !!

I would like to know if this brand is quality sax ? Intermdiate/pro horn ?

If some owners have trouble/issue with it ?

I know they made lot of stencil sax.

500 $ for a near mint alto one would be a decent price ?!

Thanks !!


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Hi Max.

Check out the page I have on my website about the company. This will likely answer many of your questions. (BTW, D&J made nothing but stencil saxophones. Most people would consider them intermediate level horns.)

I also have a series about them on my blog. That will answer some more of your questions. (If you click on the individual post titles, you can read any comments. Any eBay horns listed will have a update after the auction's end, in which I list the selling price of the horn.)

The price is not a bad one, but it depends if it's located here in North America or in Europe. What is the stencil name on the horn?

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Helen's research on D & J (and many other German horns, for that matter) is the go-to place for GOOD info on the company...because there's a lot of bad info out there on them.

$500 for a completely good-playing Alto in great shape is a fair price.

I rehab many of these D & J's and I have always been impressed by them a very solid, good-sounding instruments. I usually sell D & J Alto stencils for around $400-500, but they usually have some significant lacquer wear to them, also. My buyers have always been pleased with them.
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