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Don't know where I fit in here (or: How should I get started again?)

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Hello all,
I started playing alto in 4th grade ('77) and switched to bari in 7th grade. I stayed on bari until I graduated high school. Unfortunately I've hardly picked up a sax in all the years since.
Those years on the bari nurtured a love for the low end and I've been an avid bass guitarist since late '81.
I had been involved with music all that time (rock and pop stuff mostly) in working cover-bar bands.
Well, I recently pulled out my 30 year old Buescher Aristocrat alto and started blowing. It wasn't horrible. I opened some sheet music and started playing. While my lips were not in the best shape, my fingers didn't forget what to do.

After 20 years of dormancy I don't know if I'm so much a late bloomer as I am a cicada ;)

I got some new reeds, ordered Art of Saxophone Playing by Larry Teal (should be here tomorrow) and I'm on my way.
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Welcome. Make good use of the SOTW search function for all your questions as many of the commonly asked topics have been hashed and re-hashed many times over. As to where you fit in, you're a new SOTW member with equal rights of access to the wealth of information provided herein. I'm sure you'll find joining our community worth your while.

Are you kidding me??? You must be absolutely and totally insane, freakaziodal and/or otherwise just plain nuts to have picked up the sax again after such a long laps!

In other words, you fit in just fine around here :)

I started sax in the 4th grade. Then gave it up for 20 years of guitar and bass before returning to earth. Going full circle is darn fun.
Welcome to the farm and good luck!

Deviate further, fit in better here. :)
"...we'd like to help you learn to help yourself..."

Might want to have that horn checked over,
could make life easier; just got mine back
from the tech so the subject is fresh for me.

Welcome. Sounds passing familiar. I'm happy to hear that your disease has come out of remission.
rabbit said:
Might want to have that horn checked over,
could make life easier; just got mine back
from the tech so the subject is fresh for me.

Hey rabbit are you (very nearly) writing your posts in Haiku for a particular reason? ;)

Welcome to the forum Rowka, I'm glad to hear it's still all up in the memory, so all you'll need to do is work on your coordination and chops - I reckon you'll fly! Good luck.
Welcome!!! Or I should say: Welcome back!:D

Same here, Rowka. I played alto (and one semester of tenor) in 6th-9th grade, then didn't touch a sax for over 20 years, then got a soprano last summer. A few months later I got a tenor as well.

Welcome to life as a late bloomer/retread! Congrats, good luck, and let us know how it goes.
Rick Adams said:
Hey rabbit are you (very nearly) writing your posts in Haiku for a particular reason? ;)

Never before have I been accused of poesy.

Thank you!


If you want to jump right in to SotW culture, check out some of the, shall we say, divergent, views that have been expressed on here about Larry Teal:D


ps. get ready for GAS!

You are a brother! Never fear...The SOTW brothers will take care of you!

I started playing alto (Cleveland, King model) in 5th grade. That was 1970. I graduated high school in 1977. I played sax in concert band, marching band. My father told me this was good for me...he keep saying Boots Randolph, Boots Randolph...I never knew who the hell Boots Randolph was.

All I ever wanted to be was John Bonham. My first paying gig was with an alto sax in my hands...but this was not cool. I DID think I was John Bonham and made a lot of cake playing drums. I didn't touch a sax for 20 years.

It took 20 years and my 16 year old second prodigy cousin to realize that the saxophone WAS cool! I was in the same place as you. SOTW is the BEST place for advice. These guys are friggin' pros and take the time to help and answer all your questions.

I now own a Selmer Bundy II (up for sale), a Yamaha YAS-52 alto and a Conn 10M tenor. It comes back slow...but it does come back. I often hit a note and don't for the life of me know what the fingering is...I gotta refer to a fingering chart. The only reason I hit the note is due to my teacher, Sister Mary Louise (no joke, rest her soul). You just gotta have faith.

The SOTW brothers are the best! They have saved me a ton of cash that would have been wasted on sub-par or junk instruments.

Ok, all my SOTW brothers, don't get teary eyed...

You are on the right path! Never too late!
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Thanks for the welcome.
My Teal bbok arrived. There isn't a lot if music in it, is there.
Most of the text is stuff I already knew (save the reed stuff, but I don't think I'll ever be modifying my reeds anyway).
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