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Ok I just want the inside Skinny on Dominics

I have heard that name in a lot of different places.

It USUALLY not ALLWAYS has a negative connotation to it

I was looking at some of the stuff and it did not look half bad.

I was hoping some of you fine folks here could fill me on this web site. Is it totally a scam or is some of the stuff ok

There was a "monique" sax there that had a red tinge too it which usually means it has nicer metal from what I understand.

Anyways fill me in.

Also anyone with first hand experience with Monique or Cicilio brands I would like some info

I PROBABLY WONT BUY THEM but I am curious. I will probably end up with a yamaha when I upgrade Im just curious.


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I don't think it would fair or accurate to characterize his operation as a scam. It's just, in my opinion, he sells mostly entry level, and some might argue below entry level, instruments that are not as good in overall quality as you can get by knowing what you need and keeping an eye out here, on SOTW, for that, or by getting acquainted with the more well-known on-line sellers such as worldwide sax, horn improvement, Doctor Sax, Scimonettis, USA Horn, and others. Although a bit riskier, I've found most of my best horns on eBay, including the Weltklang baritone I just got from a university student in Fort Collins, CO.

I owned a Monique alto a long time ago and it was a decent entry level player, but I sent it on its way not long after buying it because it just didn't have the overall feel of quality I was looking for, and the intonation was sketchy. And I don't necessarily buy the pink hue indicating better quality brass business, either. That's not always the case. But, that was early in my sax-buying-selling phase and I didn't know any better at the time.
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