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Dominant chords in sequence

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Some tunes, like Nostalgia in Times Square or Killer Joe or Jordu have dominant chords a tone apart, i.e. C7, Bflat7, etc, following each other (often happens in ballads too). I can usually negotiate this without much trouble, because the scales relate so closely that improvising over them is not hard. Is there, though, a way of thinking what one is doing that makes it a bit clearer? Does one just think 'now I'm playing the dominant scale of C, then Bflat', which becomes a bit hectic at faster tempi, or is there some other way of thinking about it and about what substitutions work? Advice appreciated.
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When I see | C7 / / / | Bb7 / / / | I sometimes think | C7 / / / | F-7 / Bb7 / |. Or I rotate between C7 and C- including the flat-6. Then I just rock out on C-Blues and throw in the occasional sequence down a halfstep.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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