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I am a new member, though I have been snooping around here for quite a while (as I own a Dolnet M70 Universal)

I have just bought a Dolnet Series 2 Tenor (serial 24xxx) from ebay. Unfortunately the octave mechanism and top post for it is missing. Any chance someone has one lying around?

This sax is in pretty bad shape, but I hope with a bit of loving care to restore it.

There is a small dent where the body meets the bow (unfortunately the seam is slightly dented (about 5mm deep). The bell also has a small dent where the body brace connects, but fortunately the body itself was not bent at all. Also, from what I can see there is no banana bending of the body.

There is little play on the rods, so minimal swedging will need to be done. Lots of tarnish, but some bicarb will soon restore the silver color
From what I can see so far (without stripping it down) the toneholes are level, the marks in the pads still match the toneholes and are centered around the toneholes.

The pads are shot... they are white, only 2 layered (leather and felt), so I will replace with white Roopads .
It still has the old black 'pearls', someone mentioned in an earlier thread these were some type of material/leather? I think I will make the color scheme white and silver, so will use pearls, and white felts when I do it up

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Any comments, or help finding the part will be appreciated.
More photos will be provided once I strip it down after the holidays.
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