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Dolnet M70 alto

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Hello, I was wondering about this Dolnet M70
(I assume that what it is, regarding the s/n)
Serial number 7959M70
I'm not a saxophone player, but I am rather curious about the age (range) and maybe value? (what better place to ask than a sax forum ;) )
Here are some pictures, and a link to the photobucket folder for some more. M70/

thank you very much in advance!
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There are no charts for Dolnets, the only evidence is anecdotical and it is created when someone finds a horn with the purchasing documents.
Anyway the M70 series was introduced in the second part of the '70 en stayed with Dolnet until they disappeared a decade or so later.
The gold lacquer seem to be made better than the silverplate or nickelplate but I have seen occasionally some not particularly well made example with less than perfect workmanship. The company was clearly fighting a loosing battle and profit must have been very tight. Shame, because this is the most modern they have made and way better, ergonomically, than the ubiquitous Bel Air (or also those Bel Air not marked as such).
Yours seems to have lost a few pearl beads on the bumpers but has a decent look. I have seen better ones with nice engravings.

Value depends very much where you are in the world. In Europe they tend to be much more readily available than anywhere else.

A perfect example with a fresh overhaul would be around 1000€. Yours, I am afraid, is not in that league and would maybe bring half of that but not more.
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if it plays and you want to play, play it. If you decide to sell it it won't make you rich. Don't count on it working because you had it done some years back. Saxophones, even if un-played, don't necessarily stay in regulation.
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