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Does you mouithpiece guy do this?

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Bet Your Mouthpiece Guy Doesn’t Do This.
I have always, with a few temporary deviations, played metal Otto Link mouthpieces exclusively. For the past several years a vintage Tonemaster has been my main piece. I wanted a vintage STM, preferably at Double Ring (DR) as an alt alternative, but who can afford one? Besides, I’m pretty sure Doug Webb already owns them all. So, what’s a guy with major gas to do? I started looking a modern, more affordable versions, and to me, Matt Marantz’s DR looked the closest to an actual DR. I contacted him and purchased one in a 6 star tip. I received the piece in a timely manner, and it was amazing – so efficient, effortless to play, free flowing, a true “all situations” mouthpiece that I could play with confidence, unlike the Tonemaster (TM), which had a sound I loved but no cut. It did indeed sound like a vintage Link, but didn’t quite feel like one because, for me anyway, it was so free blowing. But the piece was great, and essentially exactly what I asked for.
I did write to Matt, however, and said that as much as it worked well for me and inspired me with confidence in noisy situations (I play small room, unmiked), had I known it was going to be so free blowing I would have ordered a larger tip. Matt suggested I keep it a few weeks, evaluate it further, and if I wanted I could send it back and he would open the tip and additionally make a few minor adjustments. Well, opening the tip is tantamount to making a new piece, so I was quite surprised by this. And not only that, he said he wouldn’t even charge to mail it back. So by the time a few weeks have passed we are nearing the holiday season, I have gigs to play and don’t want to part with it yet. Matt says wait till after the holidays as well. I’m in no hurry to part with the piece so I say sure.
But then Matt got VERY busy, much busier than when he made the offer months earlier, and I’m sure he has now, as busy as he is making pieces, playing and touring, come to regret he ever offered. I remind him of his offer, and given his busier than usual circumstances, give him a chance to back out. After all, I tell, him you did give me exactly what I asked for, a 6 star that plays great. So what does he say to this, “No, I’ll stand by my offer”, and he opens the tip to 104 and even beautifully re-plates it. It came back yesterday, playing like a dream and looking like a gem.
Now, I’m not saying he will do this for you, but he did it for me, and I’m not a friend or previous customer, and I have to say his service was exceptional in the true sense of the word, and so was the mouthpiece.
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Good for you and good on Matt! It's nice to hear stories like this, especially after some of the horror stories posted here lately about a certain mouthpiece maker who has evidently disappeared into thin air.
While we're here, I'll also sing the praises of Sakshama, who has always been great with me (and others as well). I know Phil-tone (Phil Engleman) is also great to deal with as others are I'm sure I've missed.
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