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Does this happen to other 20s?

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I have noticed that the middle D on my 20 is less resonant than the E. What is more, sometimes when I don't play attention to it, it can make a funny note. This funny note is similar to the one you make by playing the middle D and then lift the index finger on your right hand.

I asked a friend in Nam who plays a silversonic 20 and he says the same problem happens on his.

Does this happen to any of you?

If it happens to more than two persons, then it must be a systematic problem then. If not, then it is just me and my friend.
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No, it is not just you and your friend :cry: ! The stuff-y(ier) D is a fairly normal thing. You will read it on any comments made of a horn (that it has it or it isn't so stuffy as one would expect) I have had it more or less on every single tenor which I've had.

The funny D is, in all likelyhood, an overtone. I actually have it every now and then on tenor and alt if my enbouchure gets sloppy or tired (maybe if I keep on trying I'll have it on Baritone too :cry: ) I play a D2 and it comes out a G (I think). I suppose it comes down to weak embouchure and lack of breath support, really. Perhaps too soft a reed too.

Nothing to worry about it! If I understand this correctly (but I am sure that more knowledgeble members will correct me if I have got this wrong....:D ;) ) a stuffy D can be cured by one (or both) two things : a different mouthpiece (or its position on the cork) or very slight tweaking of the height of B and Bb.......and long tones, very many long tones!:D :D :D ;) What else?
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Milandro -

I have just read the issue of the stuffy D in another thread. But, you are right, lots of practice of long tones will prevent the D from jumping to a G (or higher a note) and allow you to do many other things and build your tone.
When my Super 20's D2 is stuffy, sometimes even has a buzzing quality, it usually means that one of my left-hand palm keys might have a leak.

When it gets more unbearable than Dexter-like I take it in to Emilio, and it's clear again!
In my experience, just clean the pads on the palm keys and any other upper stack keys in the same area. Sometimes a crud buildup in this area will cause a small leak and give a stuffy d and or e.
Mike and Marty,

Thanks for the tips. I will try them.
Also, my Super 20's were very sensitive to: 1) placement of neck on body - (centered, vs. moved to the right or left) there was a specific sweet spot; 2) on the non-double socket necks: they needed the neck screw TIGHT.
On most horns, when the D is stuffy or muted, raising the opening of the bow C pad can help. First try putting a wad of paper or cork under the arm to hold the key more open and see if that helps.
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