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Does Series III Neck Fit Mark VI ?

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Anybody with experiences of playing a Series III neck on a Mark VI...Tenor?

What finishes did you try?

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The serial number necks were associated with horns, I believe.

The later VI necks look different and do not have numbers and are worth a lot less on the open market compared to the SN necks.

I would be careful about trying newer necks on the VI. They may work but you may spend a lot of money finding one that floats your boat.

What vintage is your VI? Another VI neck is worth a try and will hold its resale value. If you have the dollars you can try earlier VI necks and preVI necks.

Final thought. Go to your favorite tech and have him refit the neck. Some neck issues are just due to fit. A better fit may be all you need!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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