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Does Series III Neck Fit Mark VI ?

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Anybody with experiences of playing a Series III neck on a Mark VI...Tenor?

What finishes did you try?

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adriancwm said:
Read somewhere that the Series 3 necks have the same angles as the VI necks...and that they were made to play like the VI.

I'm looking for improved response and a bigger/fatter tone.

It shd be the material (silver) which makes the diff.

I always thought it was the Ref 54 necks that had a similar angle and curve to the Mk VI necks. The Series 3 necks look different.

You might want to try a Barone neck on your VI. I bought mine from a guy who had it on his VI and I thought it made the horn play bigger. It made an even bigger difference on my SDA.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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