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Does Series III Neck Fit Mark VI ?

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Anybody with experiences of playing a Series III neck on a Mark VI...Tenor?

What finishes did you try?

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The III neck is a higher arch neck then what is on my VI.

I have a brass III neck and have put the neck on my VI. Totally takes away the character of the horn. The VI has or at least my VI does a deep sound and color that is there with the original neck. I've never had any desire to swap my VI neck out for another neck and I've tried and owned a lot of necks. I've got a Ref 36, 54, III neck and had a Barone and Ponzol. Nothing works like the stock necks on a VI and I've found the same to be true for my Ref horns as well they work best with the stock.

Materials might affect the sound, but most of us think it's due to the way the necks are made. I personally attribute the sound difference of solid sterling silver to the much smoother bore of these very premium priced necks.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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