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Ol' Mpc Doc said:
Unlike (too) many others, I have not - and will not - use the SOTW Forums to advertise or promote my own work and products in any way. I neither want or need that kind of "publicity"...I really have an intense dislike for "hype" or self-promotion whether it's an overtly obvious sales pitch or disguised as "educational advice".
Well then you came to the wrong place that's for sure, LOL.
But you knew that. ;)

I wonder, though, since many of us would be interested in more information about these mouthpieces -and since Doc Tenney's wish is not to supress information about them, but rather simply not to personally involve himself in self-promotion on this forum- if you would be willing to share general information that we could use, Hershel. I don't believe sharing general info about the mpc would violate the Doc's restrictions on personal self-promotion.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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