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Ol' Mpc Doc said:
Short answer: Because this mpc is not "aimed" at the typical SOTW member. Long answer: Unlike (too) many others, I have not - and will not - use the SOTW Forums to advertise or promote my own work and products in any way. I neither want or need that kind of "publicity". My participation here is to offer my experience as a "resource" for information - NOT to advertise my services or make sales. I really have an intense dislike for "hype" or self-promotion whether it's an overtly obvious sales pitch or disguised as "educational advice". I try to confine my postings to answering questions and/or providing general information on topics about which I feel adequately well-informed to comment. I will continue to post here when I feel my contributions are congruent with my own standards and appropriate to my concept of the real value and intent of this wonderful Forum Harri has provided for us all.
Thanks for the information mouthpiece Doc. Your very helpful.;) Whoops, I should have thanked gosjazz so thank you gosjazz for the information on the Jazzmaster.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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