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I have a Jazzmaster, Tenney custom slant and a blueprinted, current production ToneEdge. Before I got the Jazzmaster I actually prefered the ToneEdge because it is so dark (but not stuffy or tubby as some contend). I switched from playing a Chu to an SBA about a year ago and loved the sound of the ToneEdge on it but it wasn't the most virile sound in the world. The slant, for me, is brighter than what I'm after right now. In my experience the Jazzmaster is closer to the eq of the ToneEdge but it works better (more authoritative, muscular) than the TE on the smaller bore Selmers. It also noticably fattens the palms on my SBA (and they weren't bad to begin with . . . for a Selmer). Like with the TE, I feel I am more in control of the tonal product with the Jazzmaster whereas the slant has more inherent character to it.

So it one of those things really . . . none of those pieces have any faults and for someone chasing equipment a Jazzmaster is not going to be any kind of "holy grail". I think it's for someone who knows what they're after and has a developed airstream (the slant might be a bit more forgiving in this regard). It does seem to be a great match on the Selmers I've tried it on (SBA, Mk. VI, Ref. 36 Flamingo and this 99xx serial numbered horn I played). I've played it on larger-bore horns (Chus, Keilwerths) too and it's equally great but maybe a bit more of a toss-up with my TE for the sound I like.

I think drakesaxprof mentioned that he plans to post a review of his Jazzmaster. He's undoubtedly much more qualified than I am to give the piece a proper, professional-level assessment.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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