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Do you play with Sinusitis or Bronchitis?

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I'm sad to say the Lamp has sinusitis/bronchitis. Nothing that won't pass, of course, but I was wondering what you guys do when you have a bug like this. Do you play through it, ditch paid gigs, practice, what? I ask because yesterday I succumbed to Responsible Behavior Syndrome and laid off, and I'm afraid I might go under again today. I hate not playing!

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Reedsplinter said:
Do you have an infection, or are you suffering from allergies. . .
Infection. I have an antibiotic and a kuhrrraazzee cough syrup.
Reedsplinter said:
Mae West is rumored to have enjoyed a daily enema.:shock:
Geez, I mightily hope that's off point. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

But seriously, thanks for the feedback folks. I wouldn't have thought about tossing the reeds. Interestingly, I've been going through beaucoup old reeds in the process of exploring a new mpc, and reading your posts made me wonder if that's where the bug came from in the first place.
AltoRuth said:
. . . do a Google search on "neti pot" . .
As the old saying goes, the neti pot is in the mail. Thanks Ruth.
Dr_sax said:
With sinusitis I play gigs but it´s not fun. As with bronchitis I cancel everything and stop playing sax for a week or so. From the doctors view it might be hazardous to keep on playing with bronchitis. I wouldn´t be conserned about the germs in th sax. Our surrounding world is full of bacteria and we usually live in peace with them.
Thanks. I'd hate to play through a gig with sinusitis. Anyway, the doc told me to lay off until I was fever free for over 24 hours. I hate not playing, but that's what I did.
AltoRuth said:
You, as well as the originator of this thread, should do a Google search on "neti pot". I was alerted to this device by a fellow sax player a few years ago, when I had a particularly stubborn sinus attack. It's not a cure for an infectious process, but it's great for symptom relief and for prevention of recurrent sinus infection. I've since turned several friends onto this device, all of whom became "believers". . . .

I tried the neti pot cleansing for the first time today, and it made an immediate and notable improvement. Thanks very much.
1 - 6 of 33 Posts
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