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Do you play with Sinusitis or Bronchitis?

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I'm sad to say the Lamp has sinusitis/bronchitis. Nothing that won't pass, of course, but I was wondering what you guys do when you have a bug like this. Do you play through it, ditch paid gigs, practice, what? I ask because yesterday I succumbed to Responsible Behavior Syndrome and laid off, and I'm afraid I might go under again today. I hate not playing!

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Opera singers have been doing the saline wash for over 100 years.
AltoRuth said:
Not to worry (or hope), however. I know of no instances where a sax player who engaged in sinus flushing was seized with a sudden desire to burst into an operatic aria either vocally or instrumentally. I'm not sure, however, whether there were any observed increases in tendencies toward improvisation on themes by Puccini or Verdi. :)
My point was that opera singers wouldn't do it unless it worked.;)

I think it would improve improvisations if they used the amazing melodic sense that Puccini and Verdi showed.

I am, I admit, an opera lover, as well as a sax player.
U-ma, not O-prah!

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