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Do you play with Sinusitis or Bronchitis?

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I'm sad to say the Lamp has sinusitis/bronchitis. Nothing that won't pass, of course, but I was wondering what you guys do when you have a bug like this. Do you play through it, ditch paid gigs, practice, what? I ask because yesterday I succumbed to Responsible Behavior Syndrome and laid off, and I'm afraid I might go under again today. I hate not playing!

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Pinnman said:
As a veteran of this type of problem, I play on unless feeling lousy. I do get rid of the reeds on recovery though; mouthpiece wash, too.

I have refused to be beaten by this over a period of 35 years. At present, I am still winning - at least as far as blowing goes.
You, as well as the originator of this thread, should do a Google search on "neti pot". I was alerted to this device by a fellow sax player a few years ago, when I had a particularly stubborn sinus attack. It's not a cure for an infectious process, but it's great for symptom relief and for prevention of recurrent sinus infection. I've since turned several friends onto this device, all of whom became "believers".

BTW, there's nothing magic about the device itself; any makeshift device that can accomplish flushing out the sinus cavities with a simple saline solution (using non-idiodized) salt) will do. The specific instructions for the process are gross and I won't detail them here; instructions come with the device ( which is typically to be found in health food stores, or grocery stores like "Whole Foods", and others of that ilk) and I'm sure you could find instructions on-line somewhere.

Give it a try---might help and has no downside as far as I know.

hakukani said:
Opera singers have been doing the saline wash for over 100 years.
Not to worry (or hope), however. I know of no instances where a sax player who engaged in sinus flushing was seized with a sudden desire to burst into an operatic aria either vocally or instrumentally. I'm not sure, however, whether there were any observed increases in tendencies toward improvisation on themes by Puccini or Verdi. :)
Spooner said:

Just a word of caution--when you use your neti pot make very sure (for your own comfort) that your saline solution is pretty mild.

The very first time I used one I put a little too much salt in and it turned a routine sinus flushing into a near-religious experience, complete with visions and reality altering sneezes. It felt like I poured fire into my nose.
Thanks, Spooner, for this word of caution. Instructions, which include the amount of salt and water, to use should be included with your neti pot. If not, PM me. Also be careful to use luke warm or tepid water.
hakukani said:
My point was that opera singers wouldn't do it unless it worked.;)

I think it would improve improvisations if they used the amazing melodic sense that Puccini and Verdi showed.

I am, I admit, an opera lover, as well as a sax player.
I did take your point first time round, H, but couldn't resist the follow-up. As an enthusiastic choral singer as well as a sax player, I have hoped in vain that the sinus wash could add some operatic panache to my decidedly mediocre voice. I, too, love opera and attend as often as possible. I had the great privilege a few years ago to be a member of the opera chorus for a concert presentation of "Aida"---what a wonderful experience that was. I surely do agree with your last point about melodic sense!
Best regards,
Ruth :)
LampLight said:

I tried the neti pot cleansing for the first time today, and it made an immediate and notable improvement. Thanks very much.
I'm happy if this was helpful to you, Lamplighter. I hope you are close to a complete recovery.

I'm about to hit the old neti pot myself--seems to be lots of "stuff" floating around in our nasty NC air which is causing sinus grief, and I have a marathon outdoor concert to play on Sunday.
Regards, Ruth
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