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do you know this otto link?

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Yesterday I bought this 7* link from a man that told me that it was an otto link of the 80's.Look at the's surely larger than today's links and has a stocky shape.I don't know why but it plays magnificent,very thick and generally louder than a standard link.Subtoning is like butter and altissimo is not a problem.I've played lots of links and vintage ones too,this is one of the greatest piece i've ever played.The bad thing is that it requires more air than "slim" links,I tried it with ZZ 3 and rico 3.Vandoren ZZ 3.5 (that I usually play with a "slim" 7*otto)were too hard for this piece ,at least for me.Maybe the sound is fat because of the bigger chamber.Unfortunately the piece has a little damage on the inner border,is it a problem or not?I didn't pay attention to it because my philosophy is trust your years,not your eyes,I just want to know if it could crack the piece or not.Bye
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U.S.A., number stamped on shank, run of the mill Link (I like these better than the vintage ones too, but don't tell anybody, they might shoot you down). Cost a tenth of what the guys are charging for vintage, but when you find a good one, you'll know what I mean about how they play. Links are still the best all-around mouthpiece for tenor.
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