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Hey guys. I'm a sophomore at my high school and currently play lead tenor for our jazz band as well as tenor for concert. I'm currently using a Selmer Mark VI model, from '55 or '56 from the looks of the serial number. For jazz I've been using an Otto Link Master Link model, which needles to say in very old. It, along with it's stock ligature, sounds fine on the horn with a Fibracell reed. But for concert, I tried using a cheap stock plastic piece on it with some normal size 3 Vandorens and it sounded very poor. The majority of the problems come from trying to play lower register notes, around G and bellow, quietly or in a legato style. This really confused me because the year before I used a newer Selmer La Voix model with a stock piece and had no trouble. So anyway, I odrered an E Rousseau New Classic NC4 piece and tried it today. It improved my sound a little, but didn't totally get rid of my problems. Although the instrument's old, I don't think it's the problem because the link sounds fine. So, I'm thinking it may be the stock ligature I'm using that quite frankly isn't in very good shape. So, I was wondering if this indeed could be the cause of my sound problems and if so what kind of ligature should I get to fix this?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

P.S. I heard that a Rovner Dark 2M works well with the Rousseau
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