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Do I Have a Knock-off EM Winston Bari Sax?

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Hey everybody, thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my baritone saxophone.
I have had my E.M. Boston Winston Pro1 Baritone Saxophone for a while now and have loved every second of it. It has great tone and everything you look for in a bari sax, although it's on the heavier side. I was wanting to find the year it was made by looking up the serial number for it (WBS155VG) but cannot find anything that shows this saxophone was ever made by Winston... Can anyone help me determine whether this is a real horn or not, and if it's not can tell me who actually made this horn? It has a beautiful golden finish on it, has pearls in the Low A - Low Eb keys, and has some designs on the left side of the bell (I think it's a big flower). Thanks for your help in advance.
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Winston was a marketer, not a manufacturer. They bought batches of instruments with their name stenciled on from various factories around the world; some from Brazil, some from the Czech Republic, but by far, most from Taiwan or the PRC. (I was contracted to make a parts catalog for Winston in 2006, and it was frustrating because they used the same model number for some instruments that didn't share a single part.) Every Winston baritone I've seen came from the same factory, I think in Taiwan, and I always thought they were very good horns for the price. I don't see any reason why someone would make a "knockoff" Winston; they were already knockoffs, more or less.
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