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Hi all
I'm trying to learn the different slap tongues. I can play a normal slap tongue quite good, but the slap tongue inside the mouth doesn't work very well. Keeping your mouth closed and still producing a very short "tak" doesn't make sence to me. So any tips are welcome!

edit: If you don't understand what I mean, It's like in "jungle" from lauba.

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@ John : I'm a bit puzzled why that useful info is no just placed on the forum.

Anyway, I found a good website with a useful explanation too :

And look at the author... yeah, where did I see that name before? :D

Yet, I stay puzzled about the "pitched" slap tongue : whereas the normal "open jaw" slap tongue requires that you don't put air through the horn nor suck it in, the description of the pitched slap tongue makes me believe you have to blow through your horn. How would you get a "long note" otherwise?

It would be great to get a bit more info on that, I'm trying too.

PS : thanks amoram for putting this interesting technique under my attention.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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