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Difference in 6M and 14M Alto Sax

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I have a 1956 14m Director sax which plays well. I am not a professional. I am in my late 60's and will probably never play professionally. I am not wealthy but I do have some funds available for "toys." Would there be any significant benefit to my trying to acquire a 6m "Naked Lady" sax for my own personal enjoyment of playing the instrument mostly at home? If so, why? Does the 6m have a significantly better tone, is it easier to play or is it mainly that it might be better in tune throughout it's entire range? If not, I should be content with what I have as it plays and sounds well.
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Try searching YouTube for some comparisons.

I've found some comparing vintage 10Ms to vintage Selmers. That same guy also did the same for the Bari Saxes. Even found one comparing 1930's 10M to a Post WW2 10M. The 30's 10M sounded a tad better and the Conn's over all had a better tone than the Selmers IMO. FWIW I do have a New Wonder Alto that sounds exceptionally well. Sorry haven't looked for any YouTube videos on the Alto.
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