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I'm taking a hard look at acquiring multiple Cannonball instruments and have play tested SAT of the Stone Series instruments and the Vintage reborn tenor.

I know the Vintage reborn is a different animal from their standard line. However the stone series soprano I tried seemed no different from the Global Series soprano I owned several years ago. Ditto for the alto.


I am looking for any definitive reason to select a Stone series over a Global series instrument. Global series instruments are quite affordable.

Examples of things I am looking for would be related to improved playability, durability. etc, such as:

1) Improved intonation or response.
2) Better ergonomics.
3) Better workmanship/better materials.
4) Better maintainability

If you have any pertinent data to supply from your experiences with BOTH, please let me know.



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I own both a Global Series tenor (that I picked out of several I played at my local dealer), and a Stone Series tenor that I got off Ebay because it was only $1100. In a serial playtest, I thought the Stone sounded slightly richer and fatter. This, despite how the Stone series was not handpicked, but was a crapshoot. I later shipped my Global tenor to another state, where I regularly visit, so that I don't have to do the airline thing every year...

My two coppers....
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