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did Martin make a gold plated handcraft tenor?

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did Martin make a gold plated handcraft tenor? if so, how do you tell the difference between a gold plated and a lacquer?
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Yes. The easiest way is to look where there is any wear and it will be the bare brass, silver plate and then the gold plate. You should see some silver below the gold plate. Also they have more engraving on the bell. A gold lacquered horn will get spots on the finish and where there are scratches and wear it will show brass with no silver in between. Gold plate also looks lighter than lacquer. Many GPs have a satin body with bright inner bell, keys, bands and the engraving area. I have 2 HC altos that have the satin/bright finish. Great horns.
Both of mine just have a bunch of flowers and scrolls. One is from about 1923 and the other is from about 1928 approx. I haven't redone the newer one yet but the older one is really nice so I well probably sell it first.
My gold plated one is for sale, expensive, but the finish is great and newish domed resonators.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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