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Dick Oatts equipment

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Do you know what kind of equipment Dick Oatts plays on alto?

Super Balanced Action alto with a rubber Berg?
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Four years ago he played a MVI (a little above the range).
His father has more MVI alto's only most of the time he played on one specific MVI.
Not because it's the best saxophone he played on but he knows this saxophone so well after all these years he played on it.
He played a rubber Berg Larsen with a big tip opening. I don't know if he changed his gear (It's better to study hard than to concentrate on saxophones and mouthpieces).

Great person and teacher!

I haven't played with Dick Oatts in 35 years, but in 1973 or 1974 he used a Mark VI alto with a Strathan adjustatone mouthpiece in the CC Riders.

New tunes and pics on my myspace music page:
I saw him at the Philadelphia Art Museum with the Vanguard band back in February or so. He was playing an old rubber berg, 90/3, and that same Mark VI that he's been playing on for a long time now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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