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Developing Jazz Vocabulary by Tim Price

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Developing Jazz Vocabulary

"Hands on" Improvisation Lesson

by Tim Price
Saxophonist Musical instrument Music Saxophone Brass instrument

The music known as jazz has evolved into a global art form since its inception over one hundred years ago in America.

This lesson on "Developing Jazz Vocabulary" is a way to get more "hands on" sources for students of all ages to find entry into this art form.

Let us not forget, the deeper you listen the more profound the swinging, lyrical details of this music becomes. Many times, when talking about improvising, the first lesson of improvisation is the one where you must listen to people who do it. If that is not the first lesson then there is going to be trouble! Listen to the masters in this music. Then, the desire to play, learn and keep listening becomes present. And that will create more interest and direction for your playing as well.

Keep in mind as you start to study and learn about this music that ongoing creative thinking is investigation, questioning and analysis that develops through education, training and self-awareness. It is a quest for improvement which never ends. It is an acceptance of and a looking for continuous change that differentiates between ongoing creativity and mental inflexibility. Ongoing creativity takes time and practice to become skillful. Study this lesson well, and don't rush. Results will happen, and also a focus on the music will become obvious.

Also thank to my good friend Harri Rautiainen here on Sax On The Web for making the world a smaller place for information and all things sax wise.

Also you might enjoy this YouTube video:
Tim Price- Listening to What the Music DOES

Tim Price

This lesson contains ten pages and is available as an Adobe Acrobat .PDF document, click here to download.

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