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hello everyone.

It's time to make a report of my CONN New Wonder's Saga.
I sent my beloved horn to:

Lance O. Burton or MartinMods or Solutionremarketing (Ebay ID)
6219 170th Pl SW
Lynnwood, WA 98037
(425) 743-1192

(putting his address here is legitimate since he is dealing with instruments from many people. Every dealer shows his address openly)

I sent him my wonderful horn (see pics) which was overhauled here in Germany and got some modifications for better play comfort. I had some difficulties with the LH pinky table and was about to sell this great horn for good money. I already had a deal with CE Winds to buy a Professional DSV (Dark super Vintage) in a dark lacquer. As I heard from the mods Lance O. Burton was doing and saw that some SOTW members have sent him their horns I got tempted to do the same. The idea of getting my great sounding collectors horn better playable make me enthusiastic.
I also saw martinMods on eBay (buyers be aware) with the ID SOLUTIONREMARKETING offering the mods. I contacted him through eBay and he offered me a deal "outside" of eBay platform (my bad! never do that. I lost the eBay buyers protection). A complete package for 400U$. I got confident in him. He spoke some German, was kind in communication, had already some SOTW colleagues as customers... this all brought me to cancel the deal on my CONN (sale was fix) and also the purchase of the CE Winds DSV although Brian and Mark invested time on the deal and I think the order from Taiwan was also fix.

After I sent my sax in August 2009 I saw only 1 picture of the sax. At that time the lacquer was still there. A nice old lacquer.
This horn had a history.
I bought it from Carl Gordon from New York. He owned it for decades. In the WW2 Carl was a 12 years old boy and bought this horn from his Clarinet teacher Gerardo Iasilli (he was a NY Maestro and composer of some Sax books, do a research) and started learning sax. During the war Carl played this sax in the bars since the Jazz players, adult men were all in the front fighting. Carl (who moved to Florida after selling me the sax in 2004) attached some rollers in the sax case and used to ride the bike towing the sax that way. What an idea! nevertheless the sax NEVER got damaged and endured the decades on the stand in his fancy maisonette Apartment in New York until I bought it from him for 1,100U$.
Here in Germany this very same sax crossed the country two times, two shippings to 2 different technicians. Overhauling, mods ...again, not a single scratch happened.

Than the last time (August 2009) I sent it in a huge package back to its origin... the glorious "Sax-Land" USA. I shipped it to Lance O. Burton in Florida and the sax arrived there again intact.
But after 3 months Lance Burton moved to Seattle and sent a picture of his small car packaged with instruments on the top. At that point I realized my sax was in real danger.

The sax lost parts, was stripped of its historical lacquer. I don't care if it was double or triple lacquer, if Lance "butcher" Burton liked it or not, it was MY sax and I loved that lacquer.

Now after years of struggling to get back the instrument he sent it back. Stripped, the new Pisoni pads disappeared, cups corroded, cannibalized. Parts have been taken for other horns. The F#s hole removed and not replaced what suggests this part is now in a Bari which was been restored by him.

The technician who examined the sax said it is not repairable, possible but too costly. It would be better to buy a new one, would be cheaper than making of these "mortal rests" a playing tenor sax again.

I wish to make a statement here...

"What Lance O. Burton did is not only a crime against me, it is a crime against the spirit among musicians. The spirit of colleagueship. Musicians shouldn't cheat anybody but specially their fellows not.
This man did a crime against a US Heritage of the sax industry transforming a "state of the art" USA made sax in a "state of misery" art of butchery."

This man doesn't have any respect for himself and for nobody else. Getting money in advance to destroy private proprietary.

Be aware. I don't wish you to experience the same nightmare.

now, that my sax is dead I will weep and I will overcome but Lance O. Burton, or MartinMods or SolutionRemarketing (eBay ID) is for me a "Sax Murder" and guilty of this butchery.

To my colleagues who still have their horns after years under his custody, I wish good luck. The chance of getting the instruments back in a good shape are currently low.

here the first pics to compare the shape before and after the "expertise work" of Mr. Lance "Butcher" Burton...

here the sax still by me in Germany, prior to shipping to Mr. "Solutionremarketing"

barely believable but it is the same sax after a waiting time of almost 3 years.


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Un-F'en believable!!!
Although a bit of "commentary" there, proof to back it up.

There has to be recourse for this.
Do you have pictures of the missing F#, and of the whole horn?

I presume you kept a record of the serial number & that this is the same horn?
Hoping against the odds that this might be a different horn & yours is still safe 'somewhere'.

I feel your pain & anger.
Best of luck.
yes, it is unfortunately the same horn, the same serial number otherwise I wouldn't cry loud here.
The same horn stripped of its glorious lacquer, "stripped" of the F#s tone hole, the nice mods made here in Europe also disappeared, it means Steeve Goodson goldplated thumbrest and the Low C and D#s pinky bottons which costed me alone 150U$ and now are for sure living in another horn.
Also the Octave neck mechanism was also not sent with the sax.

The horn now is by xxxxxxxxx sax technician and the pics I have of the sax came from Eric, my relative who had the official rights on the horn.
He has been dealing with Lance Butcher Burton since December 2010.
Eric kept putting him under pressure until he sent the sax beginning of Mai, again after crossing some redlines.

Eric holding the neck, which was sent without the Octave mechanism...

neck before "butchering"


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Pardon my skepticism, but those keys are not the same ones shown in the before photo. The arrangement of posts isn't even the same.
you may be right since he stated in Nov 2010 that he lost some parts of the horn. They Low C and D#s bottons are definetely not of my horn but the body is (same serial number)
more pics coming.

For some of you this issue seems to be new.
Please. make a quick research.

for the new colleagues or maybe you missed the issue in the past here, have a look...

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some parts seem to have be replaced and other parts just destroyed or removed.

The patch on the place of the F#s hole is horrible.

taking out the F#s hole.

for what??? the only explanation is to use the tonehole on a Bari he was working on, making toneholes for it.


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anyway what I know is:

I sent the horn in this shape...

and Eric got it back in this shape...

the serial number Eric has is the same.

now, I can't say from here if the neck is the same. anyway not the same shape as I sent.

that is why I am expecting better pictures from Don Trimble and Eric Maldonado to understand better... what belongs to the horn, what is the horn and what is not.

can you get now the sense of the word butchery people? I think "Jack the stripper" is back.

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I have the same nasty looking patch where there used to be an F# tonehole. Fortunately for me, that was the only part of the body he cut out (he was going to build a new tonehole etc to make it feel more comfortable). My horn was functional when I sent it. The problem I had was a spread octave which I thought would be taken care of by his neck modification. Now I have no idea whether the intonation is better or not: there are no pads anymore, virtually no springs and rollers missing. Lance actually had the nerve to ask if I'd put pads in yet or not. When I told him I couldn't afford it, he mocked that I should have been more patient and waited for him to make his world class pads. I have no idea what happened to my pads or springs or rollers or F# mechanism or the original pips.
Lance also had the nerve to post on his blog that it was MY fault he didn't ship my horn back to me because I had the responsibility to pay for it. I have emails (a number of them) that show how many times I offered to pay whatever it cost just to recover the horn. That's an old school gangster trick: break someone's prized possession and then make them pay to get it back or they'll never see it again. I paid him up front for the work ($500, I even asked if the problem was needing more money for supplies which I was prepared to pay for) and it took roughly two years to get my horn back - with only the neck tenon being done. I never even asked for my money back.

BUT ... seeing these photos makes me think I got away unscathed.
I am also very sorry for you dear Sebastian. I think the toneholes of our horns are on a CONN Bari right now.

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maybe one of his last eMails to Eric can bring some light in this dark shadow of shame...


Pictured is the new RH stack. The sense of patching the outdated Aux Eb hole was to eliminate all the keywork mess that came with it. I opted for

a complete, slightly more modern key set, after chopping the originals and misplacing a couple of keys. This does require relocating some posts. I had also begun matching the upper stack to the lower, as there is "clunk" there as well. I emplore you to let me finish adapting the new set. Your guy can take over once they are done - two days. I doubt that any tech will care to finish what I started, and returning to original is many times the work that is left to do.

the RH stack the horn had as I sent it... costed me 160 U$ just to adapt on the original mechanic...

and the other stack he grabbed from another horn to put on mine (he allegedly lost my parts) . I hope, nobody is gonna miss these parts. They didn't belong to my horn and I even don't like them.
Again here he promised to build by scratch similar ones. Lied again.

this picture above was taken by Lance himself. The shape of the brass (fresh polished) indicates that it has been a while ago.

By the way...

I didn't send the sax to Lance "Butcher" Burton for dramatic change on Key layout. The main work were the LH pinky table and the neck tenon, even with some suffer to the lacquer but not stripping the whole sax.
the aux Eb hole should stay there as the F#s hole too. But this guy is sick and use to take as his what is not his.
Once he has your horn he use to put you under emotional pressure to agree with him or you never see the horn again. I didn't play his game, at least no for a too long time.

A British musician, also a SOTW member here told me that Lance used to bring almost everybody in anguish (as he lived and played in Britain), taking advantage of his muscles (physical intimidation). But he didn't do this with strong people

well, this sounds for me as a discription of a coward.

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he is lying all the way in this statement.

I don't know what happened and how a tech can transform a sax from nice to ugly how he did.

The serial number Eric gave me matches of my horn, also ... it is a work of a butcher and impostor.

before Lance "Butcher" Burton's work...

AFTER Lance "Butcher" Burton's work ... and a wait time of almost 3 years, §&%"&%'#


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I've found myself in a similar situation with this whole saga. I was quite tempted by a few of his Martin mods, and we e-mailed about quotes, turnaround times, etc. VERY glad I kept my horn here at home and didn't succumb to the temptation.......
This was the reason why we brought the truth to light, starting that thread about Lance and the many horns, to make the other colleagues aware of the risk.
I knew that for that I could pay a high price of not seeing my horn again, or be put at the end of the queue or something even worst, as it happened.
Lance Butcher Burton "advised" me, if I do this way he would strip the horn of all mods he put on it. I think this was the only promise he really kept.

I just got tire of his treats and tactics and lies.

My hearted sincere advise to all colleagues is, give your instruments to ONLY NAMED, PROOF, EXPERIENCED Techs with A LONG GUARANTEED FEEDBACK to be repaired.

Lance O. Butcher Burton was even praised here by many people as innovative, ingenuous, brilliant and so on. With his rhetoric he was able to gain many customers. His excuses for the delays telling about cases of sickness in the family could bring one into tears.
I am sorry for so much lies which destroy lives and just dizzy to see what he was able to do to a collectors horn, just incredible.
I'd gladly wake up again and listen that this is not my sax. That my nice one was sold and this one is a replacement. Even when I'd never recover the sax again, at least I'd know it is out there shining in its beauty as usual and not stripped and violated like this by a technician (???)

Therefore, I started the first thread a while ago after many tries to recover the horn to make everybody aware of this nightmare and Lances intimidation tactics. I used to be a soldier you know. If you are afraid of your enemy you already lost the battle. Respect him, but prevail.

This with the horn is a heavy injury of battle, but the battle is not over Lance and for sure you are reading this thread too.
I wish that you repent of your injustices and find a way to repay the people you harmed. They are by far more than 3.

I also can't accept the many other victims staying quiet. OK, I can understand , they hope to see their horns again.
Many people out there could chime in here right now and tell their experiences. They don't do.

Don't waste your time waiting! Don't cheat your own mind!
Go there and recover your horn quickly, they will not look better , time is running.
Lance is too busy making one Thumb rest per day to sell on eBay, that is his tempo.

All of your horns are in the wet cold garage right now.

original parts endured the time until they fall on Lances Hands.

Original lost cup replaced by parts from a horn damaged by fire accident? looks like.


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about LB and his behavior I prefer to not comment anymore. It was disgusting and like pulling teeth, real low life.

I wish to emphasize to all of you with the deep of my soul that I sent my Conn New Wonder I with a low serial number (probably one of the first NWs I with RTH) in an incredible good condition for its age to LB for modifications to improve the playability..
LH pinky table, bonade pipe, Neck Tenon and receiver.

I NEVER expected or asked him to strip the old lacquer (even when I was willing to accept some damage to the lacquer) and to shut down or remove ANY keys or tone holes. I had to fight hard through emails to keep him away of doing experiments on the neck and doing extensively "awful" (I saw some samples) engravings on the body.
He once sent me a picture of a really well done patch of the F#s hole, extremely well adapted to the body. I have this picture and others. But they are unfortunately in my hard drive in Central Africa together with the most of my household. It will take sometime until I can fly there again.

Well, the patch he put on this horn now and what is visible is a rude piece of brass sheet, nothing to do with the pic he sent years ago.I consider this as a betraying.
He started taking off the F#s tonehole with me terrified here on the other side, in Europe, telling me I'd love the change after the work finished. He were about to replace the tonehole higher.
Of course such dramatic modifications alter the sound and intonation of the horn but he went ahead and told I'd be happy with this all.

Being overseas was for sure my "Achilles Heel". Once I implored him to send me the sax back (2 years ago) and he answered that I used to argue like an homosexual.

Well, all what I did was to make a deal outside of eBay, as he suggested at that time. But no matter inside or outside of eBay the results would be the same , although Mr. LB knows so well how to do business on eBay in order to not get negative feedbacks. He only offers fix prices for mods. For bigger projects, which include sending your horn, he prefers outside of eBay. I have my made opinion why.

Well, now...

it is the same horn I sent or not?
Really, really hard to believe and I understand everyone in doubt here.
When, I repeat WHEN this is the same instrument we can't give Mr.LB another professional adjective than of a butcher, an ill intended and evil person.

It would be better for him indeed to look for a job, this what he does is not a job this is kidding.
I know, times are hard and he is 59 years old, not easy. But man! stop doing this game. Mr. LB you have a hill of instruments waiting for completion there. For all of them money taken in advance.
For what did you need my money if you just cannibalized my sax? (he has been reading here this thread every day)

You should pay me for the sax and not I you. You took parts out of it, you used the horn as experiment and sent it back as a crap and still, I repeat STILL missing cups.

Now , WHEN this sax is not mine... then please what happened to it? It's possible for a "technician" (?) to make such a confusion and send a crap instead of a collectors horn on which he stated to have been working on all this time? (August 2009 until April 2012)

Reader of this thread...what is worst in your opinion?

I am not looking for LB's destruction. It is quite unpleasant to talk badly about a human being, I don't wish to push this issue until the point the guy gets desperate and commit suicide for his mistakes but I'd salute when he give up his endeavor as sax innovator and repairman to avoid more pain to other people.
Give up the dream man, please wake up. You are not what you think you are. Go back playing the sax. I am sure you can do this wonderfully.

Go and look for a decent job LB. The most of us here do work hard for money.

Concerning the authenticity of this one ,by LB delivered sax, being mine or not...

2 things.

1) I know the serial number of my horn (as I guess you all also know of yours, especially if it is a collectors , rare in pristine condition Vintage)
2) My sax has ONE peculiar sign in the body and I can give 100% decisive identification through it.

Although the number Eric provided me matches, ...

(the number in this crap seems to match the number of my beauty horn, once it was and I am still waiting for more detailed pics when the sax comes back from the scared technician who evaluated it)

...through this very peculiar sign, I'd say the DNA probe of my horn, I can tell with absolutely guarantee if it's that one or not.

but sincerely?
does it matter?

I sent a beauty of a playing horn and got an irreparable piece of junk stripped of everything. Do I need a sax Lamp LB? Is that what you had in mind? for that 540 U$ (adding the shipping costs) was a way too much and the waiting time too long.

I will post the opinion of the tech on another time, preserving his name of being linked to this thread of shame. He is a honest man and doesn't wish to be included in this ridiculous case.

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I'd like to thank everybody for the suggestions written. The intention of this thread is not to "hunt Burton" OK... I could change my ID from CONN-hunter to "Burton-hunter" but people, we use to say here on this side of the ocean... "he is shooting on his own leg" with his practices.
I can't stand quiet. What Eric and I are showing and telling is truth. Now I have confirmation from Eric that the serial number really matches. I still can't believe. The shape of the sax is too bad, too bad.

It had new Pisoni pads.They are all gone! the sax had a great lacquer, gone. Lance didn't like it and criticized it but , it was MY instrument.
I sent a perfect playing Tenor sax and got after more than 2 1/2 years a piece of garbage , with the same serial number!!

here is what the technician in California told me about this horn after an examination, since I love this sax sooo much that I wished because I wished to get it playing again!!


I'm sorry are path couldn't have met earlier. And I'm sorry for your loss. I would take this project on but, don't think you would want to spend that much money on refurbishing this tenor back into a tenor saxophone. You could go out an purchase a new one for what it will take too strip off all the solder this butcher did, not to mention Removing the F# tone hole and thumb rest.
Is this person a auto body repair tech???

Take on this horn would be like building a saxophone. I don't have the time and I'm sure you don't want to spend the money to do it.


this tech doesn't know LB and was not informed about the saga.

I kept contacting and his last eMail was this one on 5/13th

The horn is a real reck and you are missing keys, thumb rest and F# key, tone hole stack.

Wish I could help you out more,

All The Best,
Now, the serial number IS the same.

and, I will not go to saxophone oasis of LOB to read sh.... It is for me a saxophone hell, not an oasis.

What he did on this horn has no explanation.
Bringing together all the facts and informations about him I don't know what to fell,... angry or compassion.

He doesn't repent. He doesn't admit his guilty. It's hard to deal with.

The other customers who have their horns in the "Oasis Garage" are now breathing new hope due to this very thread. Expecting he will push the bottom.

Unfortunately, when he pushes the bottom the results are even worse.

What a nightmare.

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In Sacramento, CA and the SF Bay area, horn mechanics are able to finish even challenging modifications, not to mention rebuilds on top of that, within 3 months. They allocate their professional time and live within business realities that Lance seems to be unaware of.

Get this: Lance advertises a low B and Bb roller mod for the tips of the lower arms of 1920's split bell saxes, and it looks really good. I am in love with my Holton Rudy Wiedoeft C Melody sax from 1926 (the first sax to have both bell keys on the left side), and have already given it a modern oval G# key. Rollers made of circular metal, well-lubricated, make long arms actuate fast and clean. My Yamaha YBS 62 has rollers all over the place where long arms terminate with a short arm. Bad action is the plague of 1920s horns. Who else has thought of this, and made the parts to make it happen? I am thinking of ordering the parts and having my own guy install them. Yes, I know. "What you are thinking?" I still feel that Lance is brilliant, but unable to run his business. I give him credit, but want to kick his *** at the same time.
dear Walter some brain damage has already happened when you think of ordering smth from him.:TGNCHK::geek:

my policy in general is: liars and betrayers don't deserve support, deserve correction.

and making a mistake once is sad enough, repeating the mistake is an unhappy move. But everyone is free to make mistakes, right?:bluewink:

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Lance is not an idiot. He knows that he depends on eBay to sell and survive. Earlier he used to sell used or refurbished SONY gear, when I recall well what he told me. The majority of these positive feedbacks come from that time.
Making the parts and shipping them quickly is also a smart and reasonable procedure but this is usual business and nothing extraordinary. Considering the delay for our horns it is an unusual practice by Lance, but here is the point...
He made advertising through eBay with his parts and got instruments "outside" of eBay auctions for major projects. That is what happened to me.
At that time as I contacted him over eBay I also saw some SOTW colleagues sending their horns to him, I look at the + eBay feedbacks and thought...OK, the guy should be serious.
After many eMails and his promise that he "couldn't afford dealing badly with costumers" I sent him my sax. He convinced me through the emails that he would do it to 100%. Once your gear is there he makes what he wishes and when he wishes.

A long time ago was a medical doctor here, a colleague telling about his bad experience. Lance put all pads of his horn out and installed his own made pads. The doctor got upset. This was the first alert, but we all ignored that.

Today when somebody have an impressive internet presentation we should not get impressed at all. We need to study in details the history of the tech or dealer. We have to protect each other and share bad and good experiences. That is what I am doing here. That is not a personal vendetta.

We are musicians. We like nice gear, nice horns and MPC's. We don't like being cheated.
When the customer pays, the customer is king! When you send your horn to Lance you become a slave and when you rebell against like I did you get your collectors horn striped.
In short that is what happened.

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I was looking for more pictures of my horn and I found some in my wife's laptop. One of them showing the serial number. So everyone can compare with the serial number Eric has, when he manages to take a picture of.

I've been contacted by some colleagues who have a story with Lance but , ha:) for some reason people are afraid to write themselves , to share themselves their experiences here. At least I am any longer alone but much, much more victims could join me in this thread and chime in.


here some pictures of my horn and AGAIN what Lance Burton made on this sax is unbelievable!! as technician he was supposed to be , as acclaimed inventor and bla,bla, bla... how somebody can take a sax like this in the pictures and transform it in a messing junk ?? after 33 months? and more than 550U$ spent?


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sorry, forgot the pic with the serial number. Picture taken at home years ago. In any case before sending the horn all the way back to the "glorious sax land USA".


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Communication is a great way to keep your customers happy
and honesty!
LB can communicate as good as Joseph Goebbels could. He'd be able to sell refrigerators to Eskimos in Alaska. :whistle:

sorry for being sarcastic but after uncountable eMails and deadlines what I got was a pristine instrument destroyed.

Don't rely on communication only. :computer:

you never know who can be sitting on the other side.

go for checked, tested and passed, established good dealers and techs.


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Hi Henry,

we are waiting for more pics taken by Eric. I asked him to take detailed pics of all mechanic parts sent, including the new LH table which I hope is there. Didn't see a pic of yet.

Concerning the link you provided I'd be usually keen to read but this Sir LB lied so often to me and about me and others in his homepage... I am afraid I could read again some BS there and got so upset that I'd be tempted to take the plane to WA just to punch his lying mouth what, to be very very honest , is what he deserves.
After an intensive communication with me and later with Eric, always laying, postponing and in the meantime stripping my sax to use parts in other horns, listening to this Sir is a waste of time. But this is just my opinion and my feeling.

Of course all others can take the time to read his BS.
He got money in advance because he asked for that, he took the time, he destroyed the horn.

For me is clear that LB tried to show that it's not worthwhile for his customers to face him. Stripping the sax that way was unnecessary and unexplicable.

I'd like to have the tonehole back and all other parts but guess what? they must be soldered in another horn right now.
Also, taking parts out of the sax and not giving them back is suspicious. The same happened to the original parts of Walter Webb's Martin Magna.

But the results and the pictures tell the story. He can't blame me for this. All what I did was to pay in advance and wait 33 months to get a junk. Ask Eric. My cousin played almost every kind of horn available in the USA, we are not kidding.

His tech said I can forget the horn, making of it a tenor sax again costs too much. Parts being missed and solder spots everywhere not making mention of the awful patch on the F#s hole. A deception since he showed me a total different patch done (pics in my hard drive in Africa) he didn't replace the tonehole, where is it now?

I can barely wait to get more pictures to show you guys. If exists a justification for doing this mess, a real plausible one, for lying, stealing parts, making ugly somth beautiful, losing parts which has been there intact for over 80 years and denigrating a beautiful playing horn to a piece of brass junk in a time frame of 33 months, than , than I will spend my time reading his freak crazy, psychedelic explanations.

I am sure, more stories will pop up. Just wait people.

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CONN-hunter. Don't you have any Ukranian friends with a lot of body tatoos who have relatives in Washington state? :twisted:
even when I had it's now too late. The horn is already junk. zu spät, and in addition I wish LOB best health in order to work on the horns he still have, finishing them (not forgetting the Bari of a poor Italian guy, who is still waiting in silence crossing fingers in the hope to see his horn again)
Maybe LOB will also have the decency to give back the F#s hole stack of my horn and all new Pisoni pads it had (what happened to them??? I didn't order any repad work, not part of the deal) so we can try to restore it.

Giving back the F#s Hole stack of Sebastian's 10M would be also fine, of course all free of shipping costs. Am I asking too much?:|

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unbelievable. Pictures arrived Eric! wow!

Butcher is for sure a praise for this man and making my broking English guilty for this butchery is... haha, OK let me have a break to laugh OK.

Lance O. Burton stripped the sax TOTALLY. The money paid, the 2 years and 9 months waited... he should at least have sent the parts he made for the horn. he was paid for!! HE WAS PAID FOR! Is my English here good enough?
It is also betraying.
We were willing to just tell it here and wait for some compensation but now ...

the LH pinky table is not delivered, lacquer stripped (not part of my purchase), Pisoni pads stolen or just removed (where are they? they were new) LH pinky table after 2 years and 9 months not sent with the junk, once was a playing sax.

In October 2010 Lance O. Burton refused to send me the sax back, I insisted 3 times and in the 3rd time he said he would do that but take of the horn ALL parts he made for it.
Then he asked me for some more weeks and I find a solution transferring the rights to Eric so I had a chance to see the horn again. We didn't have any troubles for 1 year until I saw him advertising mouthpieces on SOTW:I kept in touch with Eric and LOB postponed and postponed the finishing of the horn many times.
A leak of respect to the customers. Making small parts and selling on eBay and than trying to start a new ramification of his business with MPCs using SOTW as platform but letting the horns on a corner with the money paid already spent hey???
That is why I shouted loud at that time. with him you just have any chance.
I wish, his defenders here had sent him their horns. Oh man, they would be now very angry.
I got two offers from SOTW colleagues to do a trade on my horn and I refused them to avoid these guys getting cheated..
So I refused a Martin Tenor from Sactopete for my CONN and Phil Engelmann was also interested in trading for smth valuable but I didn't wish these guys to get harmed. I could have now a Martin Tenor here and Sactopete a big headache, I now have a destroyed sax but I am glad I didn't draw these musicians to the fall.
In these new pictures I can see ALL Lob's maleficent nature, ill hearted, ill intentioned. A real technician doesn't do such a thing to a horn, technicians do love instruments, this sir loves himself above all.

Future will tell and this thread will be just a little of light on LOB's darkness.
Concerning his address being revealed and my not...

I am not going to the internet advertising myself as inventor and repairman. I am not the one taking horns and money in advance and keeping proprietary against the will of customers, refusing to send them back when asked repeatedly.
I am not the one who is frustrating customers hiding myself behind a computer, never going to the phone, always finding an excuse for delays and refusing to tell an estimation for completion (enviroguy , as all others, experienced uncountable passed red-lines, make a research on SOTW).

I am not the one who is falsifying emails and distorting the sequence of facts, omitting his own terrible emails where he treats customers and put them under pressure.

at last I will show you pictures taken yesterday.

Decide yourself if there is a justification for destroying this instrument. It has been used just as experiment and for parts.
I can't see what Eric and I could have done to cause such a destruction.
Of course and praise God for that, nobody , no human lives were harmed we will continue to live.
The biggest commandment is "love God with all your heart" and your next as you love yourself" and... what you wish people do to you, do also for them.

Taking money and destroying the beloved proprietary of other people was a sin and what a kind of crime is still in need of clarification..

I wish Lance a looong life with enough time to think about himself and get cured.
For me LOB has a deep wound in his soul and an unruly demand for tribute and recognition, reacting wildly by opposition, oppressing people in a weak position but asking for clemency when he faces a strong adversary.

OK, enough sad.

Just final words.

- you got money for a service you didn't do... you're a betrayer.
- you took parts of the horn and didn't send them back... you're a thief
- you got a state of the art playing sax to make some mods and you sent it back stripped, not functional and damaged... you're an impostor and a charlatan.


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An advance payment doesn't seem exotic to me under these conditions.
and do you find the pictures before and after Lances work "exotic" maybe?
do you have an idea what he did to other customers horns? apparently not. Concerning the 3 MPC's or parts you purchased it is not to compare with the destruction of a collectors horn in playing condition with new pads and mods, which have all disappeared. Sorry man, your defense of this man sounds for my like BS from swiss cows.

do you have a horn? send it to him for mods. In 3 or 4 years we will see yoú here speaking another language. Frankly.
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