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Desperate time should NOT call for desperate measures IMHO

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First vibrato is produced by shaking the horn with your hands.

Tuning up is not professional

Playing really long solos on the most basic songs in the world and not hitting a single change is the thing to do.

Constantly play while the other players who are light years ahead of you are playing their solos

And then take out a clarinet................

I could have learned that in three tunes. Damn I'm out like 20k........

This was not like a jam session it was like a gig where cats were invited to stop by and play. The rhythm section and the trumpet player were great but this tenor player my goodness he needed to sit down.

Also here in town bands have been inviting other musicians to come down and sit in on there gigs. From my observation the two times I've gone there really wouldn't be a sole there without that. I don't think that's a good idea do you? Made me feel kind of used too. Maybe I don't see the good side of it.

In the words of Greg Osby while here in town, he's from here, "I really don't want to play a tender ballad for a bunch of dudes."
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Naw no reason to be on that bandstand we had it covered. And he was not a young guy. I sat down. Did that help the music. The music should come first. I'll rest when I'm dead.
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