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Death of Tim Eyermann

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Tim Eyermann died in surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.
He played Alto with the Airman of Note and had a group, East Coast Offering, 2 Grammy nominations.
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...another sad day for the jazz community...:cry:

Tim Eyermann was an awesome player!

When I was young my dad would take me to see East Coast Offering when they were just getting established...
and many times since...
Tim has been a major influence for me...

AND, he really knew how to put on a show...
the kind where you don't want to miss a single note...
crazy, fun, and unexpected stuff, and cool arrangements of standards...

His presence will be greatly missed...
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I grew up in the Washington DC area and Tim was always playing somewhere. I remember in college a bunch of us went to see him play in a small club. Tim, even though I had not met him formally, sat with us during his break and talked saxophone. Really very exciting to a couple of Wannabee saxophonists.
Quiet as it is kept- this guy was a MONSTER musician!!!!

He was also- A KILLIN' OBOE PLAYER. ( The Airmen Of Note guys will tell you that )

I heard thid sad- sad news yesterday & was stunned and stopped in my tracks. The _FACT_he died in a Vet Hospital & on the op' table just hit me hard.
Life is not [email protected]#!
The main person of CapeMayJazz told me this yesterday- and I spent the day starring into space in shock. At CapeMay we'd always jam/hang and just enjoy the vibes. I'd see Tim on the road a lot- even once 2 summers ago- literally on the road- both of us at the Chesepeake Bridge gas/food stop! That was pretty fun.

I am stopped in my tracks-on this- this was a great great alto player
( Stritch / Keil' straight alto too!! ) muliti-wind player. I'm glad someone posted this as I had no energy to even try.

May he be remembered as well as ANY great player.
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Tim was another Duquesne student who grew to have huge chops as a multi-sax-flute-oboe player. He was a student of the late Nestor Koval (also my grad prof and colleague for almost a dozen years) and I remember the genuine pride which Nestor exhibited when Tim was one of the featured clinician-soloists at a Mid-East conference in Pgh during the early 70's. For those of you who teach, always respect the ultimate purpose - to pass it on and hope that some of them have the talent and drive to become more musically than you are so they can do the same!
Sad news. I saw Tim a number of times back in the '80s and '90s here in the D.C. area. He was a great player and always had an impressive arsenal of horns with him on stage (my favorite was his straight alto). He was a dedicated and hard working musician and was always gigging, even if he had to hustle up jobs in ******* dives and roadhouses. A true road-warrior.
Tim Eyermann

I grew up with Tim. We went to grade school, HS, and Duquesne together. He was a friend and way ahead of the rest of us when it came to knowing what he wanted to do in life. His musical abilities were head and shoulders above his peers, even at a young age. It is nice that he was so successful at what he loved. Jerry Yoest
I saw him with his band way back in the late seventies in DC. IIRC, the program included a rendition of the I Love Lucy theme song. I'd probably appreciate that a lot more today (childhood nostalgia) than I did at the time.
I had met Tim on a number of occasions. He was a great player and a nice guy. I'm shocked and saddened by his sudden passing.
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