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de-plating nickel and silver

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I have a horn right now that is silver plate over nickel plate over brass, and the plating is flaking off and looking in general pretty ugly. I do NOT want to buff this horn, but I would like to strip the plating off and either leave it bare brass or replate it. My questions to you guys:

1. What is the best non-buff way to get the silver and nickel off?
2. Will the Ferree's nickel strip also remove silver?
3. Is there a product that chemically removes silver?
4. What will the effect of any of these treatments have on the pearls? This particular horn has pearl on every keytouch, a la Conn virtuoso deluxe.
5. Is there anyone that either knows of a place that offers a silver and nickel stripping service, or does so themselves?
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Good idea, Jerry. That forum is a little less user-friendly than this one, but I need to stop being lazy and get over there more often.
Let us know if you have troubles navigating Delphi. Glad to help. I see your new post there now.
stripping plating

battery acid, glycerine, distilled water, an auto battery charger, a five gallon bucket, some heavy wires and a chunk of stainless steel and you are on your way to deplating your saxophone!

I have detailed this in a posting or two.
Good luck.

How does that treat the pearls?
abadcliche said:
How does that treat the pearls?
It will dissolve them - Silver over Nickel is ... unusual.
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