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I've been a big fan of DMB for years and as a sax player, naturally grew up studying Leroi Moore's style and sound. I've built a fairly impressive library of Roi transcriptions, both horn parts and solos. Below is a list of parts/solos available on I know I've posted about the site on the forums before, but most people don't equate Roi with smooth jazz so I wanted to make sure all of my fellow Roi fans were aware of what's available.
DMB transcriptions A-J
DMB transcriptions K-Z
#41 (including full Roi solo from Listener Supported)
Big Eyed Fish (full Lillywhite transcription)
Crush (including full Roi solo from Central Park Concert)
Dancing Nancies
Drive In Drive Out
Grace Is Gone (full Busted Stuff transcription)
Grey Street
Grux (full Big Whiskey transcription)
Hunger For The Great Light
If I Had It All
JTR (Folsom Field version)
Jimi Thing (including full Roi solo from Central Park Concert)
Joy Ride
Last Stop
Lie In Our Graves (including full Roi solo from Red Rocks 95)
Louisiana Bayou
Lover Lay Down (including full Roi solo from Red Rocks 95)
Seek Up (including full Roi solo from Red Rocks 95)
Shake Me Like A Monkey
So Damn Lucky
So Much To Say
Song That Jane Likes (full Remember Two Things transcription)
Space Between
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
Best Of What's Around (includes full Roi solo from Red Rocks 95)
Too Much
What Would You Say (includes full Maceo Parker solo from Live In Chicago)
Where Are You Going
Why I Am
You Might Die Trying (includes full Roi solo from Live Trax 14 - Nissan 2008)
You Never Know (full Busted Stuff transcription)

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thanks so much! i love these guys, and it's been my dream to play with them for as long as i can remember.

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cool man! Some of his solos on the bootleg stuff is great. after some touring and getting comfortable and really improvising. thanks for this, from all the lazy people, i'll check it out for sure!
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