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Dave koz and Candy Dulfer made my night!!!

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I went to Dave koz and friends christmas tour at west palm beach. Such a wonderful concert and I met Dave Koz and Candy Dulfer in person!! We took pictures and I got autograph CDs. They told me to keep on practicing my sax. They are super nice! Candy looks so so so beautiful in person! It really made my night.

Now I am still too excited to sleep now.(1am now) I'm afraid I have to drink a bottle of wine to help me sleep.
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Greetings from the DC metro area. Thanks to a birthday present from the wonderful Mrs L, I just saw Dave Koz and Candy Dulfer at the Strathmore.

What an absolutely kicka$$ show!!!

I imagine most forum readers already know that Dave and Candy are first class players and first class entertainers too. (And for the boys, Candy is as lovely as ever.) But the thing that struck me the most was how exceptional the whole show was - music, sound, lights, script, etc. - and these folks really rocked the house! Of course it wasn't just Dave and Candy. Also featured were Rick Braun on trumpet, and Mr if-you-don't-know-him-already-you-need-to-make-his-musical-acquaintance-quickly-and-do-it-in-person-if-possible Jonathan Butler on vocals and guitar. Let me add that while smooth-jazz wars are as perennial on the forum as weeds on a lawn, "smooth jazz" - or any other single brand - fails to capture the bulk of the energy and what this show and music are about.

It stymies me to think of how much work must go into making a production like this and how much experience it must take to get it right (sound, lights, music, marketing, logistics, ...) So thanks if you're out there Dave, to you and Candy and everyone in the crew. Mrs L and I had tons of fun. I hope some other forum members will be able to do the same.
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