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15 Episodes so far of trumpeter Dave Douglas' excellent 'A Noise From The Deep' Podcast and it's dominated by sax players! (marked in bold)
Some great insights into some well-known and less well-known players...

Episode 1: Henry Threadgill
Episode 2: Matt Mitchell
Episode 3: Dezron Douglas
Episode 4: Miles Okazaki
Episode 5: Jon Irabagon
Episode 6: Revenge of the Nerds
Episode 7: JD Allen
Episode 8: Myra Melford
Episode 9: Steve Byram
Episode 10: John O'Gallagher
Episode 11: John McNeil
Episode 12: Miguel Zenon
Episode 13: John Zorn (part 1)
Episode 14: John Zorn (part 2)
Episode 15: Greg Osby

And because it's not listed yet the main page:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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