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Daniel's Value Help

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I have purchased a Daniel's Tenor sax a little while back. I was looking for a solid piece just for my own playing, as I played while in school and missed having one. It is in absolutely great shape, without a scratch, dent, or even finger prints and I am trying to figure out roughly what it is actually worth, as I paid VERY little for it.

The seriel number is 4085849 and I am have trouble finding any info on Daniel's at all.

Could someone tell me what it should be worth and maybe something about Daniel's Saxaphones?


Cale Aronson
[email protected]
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Welcome to SOTW. I've never heard of this brand name, but that doesn't mean much. It could be one of the many Taiwanese or Chinese-made saxophones that just as well could have ANYONE's name on it. Probably not worth much - maybe half of what you paid for it. DAVE
Well I only paid $400 for it, so wasn't too worried! Just would like to know something more about it.

Thanks for the input.... It plays great, has good Ivory Keys, and is nice.
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