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Had a great gig list night: the awards banquet for the World Figure Skating Championships in Washington DC. Michelle Kwan was a no-show, but everybody else was there.

Now one of the benefits of playing in a band is watching the dancers, and this was one beneficial gig!

You have a room full of young, beautiful, athletic people who have worked all their lives to put moves together. Now the pressure's off, and they have nothing to do but unwind until their international flights the next morning. Man, could they put the moves together. They had it down so well you had no impression of rehearsed moves, the way I so often see with swing dancers.

And the outfits! All the women are used to being on display. They all had knock-out dresses, invariably with high necklines and little or no backs. An evening's observation revealed that the dresses were chosen to minimize the fact that the wearers had minimal bustlines but terrific legs.

Defintely the best dancers I've ever seen.
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